What We Buy

We buy silver in any form, any quantity and any condition, including: silver jewellery, antique silver, silver cutlery, silver coins, silver bullion, scrap silver and industrial silver.

Silver Jewellery

We buy Silver Jewellery, including chains, bracelets, rings and charms, in any quantity and in any condition. We are buyers of Tiffany, Pandora, Taxco, Spratling, Mexican silver including all Navajo revival artists. We specialise in George Jensen and all Scandinavian silver manufacturers.

Closed a retail silver jewellery business? We can purchase your complete sterling silver inventory.

We buy antique silver fob watch chains, silver muff chains, silver lockets, silver mesh purses, silver hair pins and thimbles.

If you wish to sell items like these, please call in any day between 11 am and 3 pm. We pay Sydney's highest prices - in cash, with immediate settlements. Open 7 days. No appointment required.

Silver Cutlery and Tableware

We buy antique and second-hand sterling silver, including: Full canteens of cutlery • Incomplete services • Sets of forks, knives and spoons • Single forks, spoons and knives • Silver trays • Silver card holders • Silver salvers • Souvenir and Serving spoons • Silver tea pots, Silver coffee pots and Silver chocolate pots • Cruet sets • Open salts • Napkin rings, Fruit stands and brides baskets • Silver candle sticks, Candelabra and Menorah • Silver chargers • Silver lidded serving dishes • Silver hollow ware including hunting goblets, Christening cups, Kiddush cups, Silver mugs, Silver beakers, Silver bowls and ecclesiastical (Church) silver.

If you'd like to sell your family or estate items please call in any day between 11 am and 3 pm. We're open 7 days. No appointment required.

Silver Coins

We buy all Australian, British, Spanish, American, Chinese, Russian, French, Austrian and European silver coins.

We are specialist buyers of Australian 1966 round 50c pieces and all pre-decimal (1966) silver Australian currency including Threepence, Sixpence, Shillings, Florins and Crowns.

If you've been left a coin collection in an estate please call in any day between 11 am and 4 pm to have the collection valued for sale. We're Sydney's most competitive and flexible coin dealers. We have plenty of free parking and we pay cash on-the-spot. No appointment require. We trade 11 am to 3 pm every day.

Antique Silver

We buy antique silver from the UK, Ireland, Scotland, North and South America, Australia, South Africa, Canada, Israel, Denmark, China, Japan, Holland, France, Germany, Austria, Middle East, Persia, Turkey and the subcontinent.

We are specialist buyers of antique silver, purchasing by the silver (bullion) or by the aesthetic value of the items, whichever is greater.

For a complete list of the antique silver items we buy click below.


Scrap Silver / Industrial Silver

Do you have broken silver pieces or tubes, rods, sheets etc. that are left over unused from a previous jewellery making business?

We are specialist buyers of industrial silver - be it in rod form, bar form or melted into a brick. We can purchase silver that's been melted into glob as well as irregular shaped pieces.

If your items contain silver content, we'll purchase it, for cash. Our pricing is against the daily spot silver price at kitco.com. We can only confirm a price for your pieces once we sight the items and test the respective purity.

We can assist in the purchase of your silver pieces 7 days at our Marrickville office. Please call in any day between 11 am and 3 pm. No appointment needed.

We also buy

We also buy • Silver boxes - Humidors / Vestas / Match holders • Cigarette holders • Silver trophies / cups • Silver medals • Silver bullion (250 gram minimum) in 1oz coins, 2oz coins, 10 oz coins, 1kg bars and 5kg ingots.

We pay Sydney's highest prices for Russian, Irish, Scottish, Dutch and Scandinavian Silver.

Sell your silver to Sydney's most competitive silver buyers and silver traders. We're flexible in our daily dealings and we pay cash on-the-spot. We trade 11 am to 3 pm every day. No appointment required.

Please Note

We Do Not Buy: • Silver-plated wares or Electroplated wares (ie items stamped EPNS, EPBM, EP, A1 plate, Viners, Community, International, Hecworth, Grosvenor, triple plate, quadruple plate, Strachan, Ranleigh, or Rodd plate).

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